Friday, June 15, 2012

Bored With Healthy Habits?

I am a health writer, but I am not a health freak. Don't get me wrong -- I absolutely love people who take their health seriously and do whatever it takes to look good and feel great. But having a healthy lifestyle does not mean that I don't live my life. When I go out I intend to have a good time. When my birthday comes around, I am dug into that chocolate cake deeper than a tick.

"Everything in moderation" is what my momma taught me, and even if it IS cliché, it is true. It is our habits that define who we are. The occasional vitamin C acid tablet doesn't mean someone is a health freak, or is even taking their well-being even somewhat seriously. Likewise, the odd beer or bag of buttery-golden popcorn does not make me a junk-food-junkie-junk-junk.

When living a healthy lifestyle, balance is key. Time and time again, when I have been far too strict on myself, verging on 100% raw food veganism, some stressful situation will come along and BAM! I fold like origami. I see this happen in my clients and in my friends as well.

Health is not about strict rules, diets, regimes and laws. It should be a natural expression of loving yourself, caring about how you feel and wanting to give yourself something wonderful. It shouldn't feel HARD. If you aren't enjoying it, then you aren't doing it right.

When things are looking too dull, do something different. Mix it up. Change something. Change yourself. Eat a breakfast filled with fresh, delicious berries. Add nasturtium petals and daisies to your salad -- they're edible and good for you! And most importantly, don't feel bad for enjoying your wine or having the odd ice cream. The worst thing to have with your meal is anxiety.

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  1. this is very interesting. i love how you put it - It shouldn't feel HARD. at times, people stress out so much about getting fit, or healthy, that it is not healthy anymore, physically, mentally and emotionally.

    thanks for this wonderful thoughts on healthy living. it is about loving one's self indeed.